Applicant Qualification

Italy gets more popular not only because of its touristic destinations but also because of its international heritage of higher education.

In order to study medicine in English language at Italian medical universities (*6-year bachelor+master joint program,) an applicant must meet the following requirement with additional «regional» requirement depending upon where the graduated high school is located (*e.g. AP transcripts for the US high school graduates.)

  1. Completion of «12-year long» primary and secondary education (*high school graduate) or above
  2. Participation of IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) or other types of admission tests endorsed by Italian medical universities
IMAT and/or other admission tests are essential to select the applicants.

All applicants MUST contact appropriate Italian Consulate General or Embassy, whose jurisdiction governs «the region where graduated high school is located,» apart from where they currently reside. From Italian consulates/embassies, these applicants MUST first accomplish «Declarations of value (*Dichiarazione di valore)» to certify their high school graduation as well as its subsequent qualification for «local» college/university, as well as «Pre-Enrollment (*pre-iscrizione)» apart from any «online» application additionally required by individual Italian university, if applicable. Since these procedures take usually 4 weeks or longer and differ in details, depending on the regions/countries, the applicants are highly recommended to repeatedly check out the updated regulations and policies on relevant webpages of Italian consulates/embassies.

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